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Aluminum Scoop Shovel
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.105 Thick Aluminum Shovels with Stainless Steel wear Strip—up to 5x Better Heel Crack Resistance.

​#81230/12x30/48”/5lb /$57.00

#81240/12x40/56”/5lb 4oz /$62.00

.090 Thick Homeowner Scoop Shovel 

​#12307/12x30/48”/4lb 2oz/ $40.00

#12407/12x40/Custom Order/ $45.00

.105 Thick Aluminum Shovels with up to 5x Better Heel Crack Resistance.

#12308/12x30/48”/4lb 9 oz./$ 50.00

#12408/12x40/56”/4lb 13oz./$55.00

Black Poly Scoop Shovel
​Black Poly Scoop Shovel with Stainless Steel Weather Strip.

​#61230/12x30/48”/4lb 4oz/ $35.00